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Your Time Will Come

Imagine this... You're walking in a garden, and you hear crying. To your surprise, you see that a bright green, fat and squishy caterpillar is chewing on a leaf while sobbing (I know... I know... just use your You notice that the caterpillar is looking up, gazing at a cluster of butterflies as they flutter away. You ask the caterpillar, "What's the matter?" The creature replies, "It's not fair! I'm stuck on this leaf crawling around in this squishy body while the beautiful butterflies use their wings to go as high as they want!"

What is your response to the discontented creature? (Positively speaking of course). Whatever you would say to it, write it on a note card and place it on your mirror. When you feel like everyone is "outdoing" you or that you're stuck, refer to the phrase. My phrase: "In due season, your time will come. Embrace your current season while you're in it." Another good one would be found in Romans 12:6 (MSG), "Let's just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren’t".

It's easier to encourage when you have the ability to see the other side of an issue or the big picture. When you're in it, however, sometimes this is difficult to do. A lot of times we feel like we're not where we need to be, but we're actually doing great. It's a process, and unfortunately, that means things take time. Some things we can control (our actions, our responses, our attitude), but just like the caterpillar, with a lot of things, we have to wait our turn... but it's coming. No need to rush or let comparison rob us of our joy. We also must keep our eyes and our minds fixed on our Creator and not on other people and their current seasons. Seasons... they do change.

  1. Have you been beating yourself up because you don't feel like you're where someone else is in life or you don't have what others seem to have?

  2. What about your life do you have or what current position are you in for which you are grateful? Think of three things or at least one thing that you're glad to be or have. Write them down, and put them where you can see.

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