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Like the words from Tini’s books and blogs? Now you can wear them! Check out the selections that have been created so far…


 Wake Up (A/B)

From the poem, “Alarm Clock,” these words are a reminder that we need to be alert and focus on God’s plan for our lives!

2nd Chronicles

Be sure to check out the blog entitled "Pray? Is that ALL We're Doing?" before you overlook these shirt options  ( ). God has given us clear instructions on how to see results. But are we listening? Are we following them? Wear this shirt as a reminder to GOD's people of what we all should be doing. 

The World Is Waiting

Also from “Alarm Clock,” wear this shirt to remind everyone you encounter that they have precious gifts inside of them that we need! God has a plan for each of us that benefits the entire body.

Only a few of these left!

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