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“Martinis has a unique and powerful way of putting poetic words to the cry of the hearts of countless people. If your soul has been longing to find it’s voice, you just might find it amongst the pages of A Tini Step of Faith.”

-Dr. Keidra Hobley Author, Launch Out Into the Deep


“Martinis’ poems are simply amazing! Her ability to inspire and enlighten you all at the same time is incredible. A Tini Step of Faith consists of thought-provoking poems that will motivate you to reach higher and become the best version of yourself. She really knows how to capture the attention of your soul with her words. This book is a true work of art!”

-Dr. Tamika Ford Author, Next Level Living 



A Tini Step Further may look like "just a book of poems," but looks can be deceiving.  Martinis Stephens uses poetry, just as she does in A Tini Step of Faith, to convey messages of encouragement and hope. Life can get tough.  Heartache, struggles, distractions, just a small portion of the obstacles we face.  This book is a resource for reflection, helping to encourage and empower you as you overcome them all.  Don't settle for surface level living.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you honestly and openly take a deeper walk along your journey.

Book no.1
Book no.2
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