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Consistency is Key

While NO ONE (especially me) likes routine, redundant, boring systems, CONSISTENCY is necessary for advancement. To do well only sometimes isn't enough if you plan to live a life of excellence. If you only clocked in on your job sometimes, what would your check look like? Apply this same mindset to your healthy lifestyle.

Drinking water sometimes may keep you alive, but drinking it consistently throughout each day will keep you well. Most importantly, your spiritual life. Praying sometimes...that's cute, but consistently praying and seeking God's will for Your life will ensure that you will have a healthy relationship with Him. It will also reduce the amount of time you spend questioning if you're in His will. It's a relationship, a living and growing or dying and fading aspect of your life. What you feed grows and lives. What you starve shrinks and dies. How well it lives or dies depends on your level of consistency.

If I'm honest, I struggle with consistency in just about every area of my life. I even wrestle with consistent blogging. Go look at the dates (*insert facepalm emoji here). Specifically, school work has been one of my toughest obstacles. I tend to be all or nothing, but the doctoral program I'm in demands consistency. Discussion questions, responses, papers... they all have to be completed weekly on certain days. I made a commitment to finish strong, but I realize that's almost impossible on my own. Therefore, I solicited the help of accountability partners, and I thank God for them. With their help, I've raised my GPA a little and am pressing forward.

What about you? What are you needing to feed? What should be starved? How consistent have you been with nurturing your spiritual, mental, physical, and financial health? Who can help you keep your commitment to consistency?

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I like how you described the difference of doing things sometimes vs. consistently. consistence does require discipline and its important to make sure that we are being consistent with the things of God.

Tini the Writer
Tini the Writer
Mar 27, 2022
Replying to

Indeed! Thanks for commenting! Discipline is key! Praise God for the help of the Holy Spiri. Now if only i could consistently make it to the gym 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

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